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Charlene Harrison: The Woman Behind Pawn Star Corey Harrison

Charlene Harrison wife of Corey Harrison

Charlene Harrison wife of Corey Harrison

Who Is Charlene Harrison?

Charlene Harrison is popularly known as the wife of Corey Harrison, a pawn star and Icarly Entertainer. Known as the better half of Corey Harrison, Charlene Harrison was famous for stowing away the media and remaining away from the paparazzi. She used to work at a second-hand jewelry store before joining a campaign to join a web-based store. Let us get to know her well

Childhood and Education Of Charlene Harrison.

Charlene was born on June 15, 1986, in Las Vegas, United States. She did her elementary and high school in Las Vegas, United States. Her original birth name is Charlene Steel Charlene’s astrological sign is Gemini. There is no data found about her parents.

According to the sources, it is speculated that she never went to university just like her ex-husband Corey Harrison. It was said that their high school love distracted both of them to continue their studies further.

Career Of Charlene Harrison

Charlene Harrison was never interested in television and she never came under the influence of her husband Corey Harrison who was a Pawn Star. She was famous because she was the Wife of Corey Harrison. In the beginning, she used to work at the popular store World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop located in Las Vegas. While she was working there she did not appear at once to work on the TV shows along with Corey. She liked being backstage.

After the divorce, she opened her venture called ” Sweet Tempered “. This shop is an online store. Here she manufactures homemade products like hair accessories, aprons, baby products, and lots of other products. After getting an experience from a pawn shop she realized the strategy of selling these products.

Love Life of Carey Harrison :

Charlene Harrison wife of Corey Harrison

Carey Harrison into fame because of her husband Corey Harrison who worked in “Icarly” as a pawn star. The couple dated each other since they were in high school. After high school, they continued dating and focused on their respective careers. Once their career was established they married each other in 2009. They were married for six years. After that things changed between them, they decided to part ways by getting a divorce which was made official in 2015.

Charlene Harrison’s husband Corey Harrison’s bike met with an accident. The accident took place on his birthday April 26, 2014. The injuries were caused to his arm, foot, and back. He has recovered from these injuries and is now fit and fine. Reports are found that Charlene used to take extreme care of her husband after he met with an accident.

Charlene does not have any children with Corey.

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Love Life After Corey Harrison

Carlene Harrison is now single and has not dated anyone for a long time. Corey Harrison has married Korina Harrison, popularly known as Kiki. They got married in 2017.

Net Worth Of Charlene Harrison :

Charlene Harrison has a net worth of around $500 thousand. Before marrying she used to work at a store selling gold and silver. She worked as a Ranking Staff. There she earned more than substantial money as the store was a hit. After being married to Corey, together they bought many assets. She earned enough cash to run her own business as an online shop. She opened her shop named “Sweet Tempered “. Here she manufactures homemade accessories. The shop sells products like baby items, handbags, calendars, aprons, hair accessories, checkbook covers, and many more products.
Her Online shop is working tremendously as her product sales are enormous.

Charlene Harrison At Present :

Charlene never made her way to any rumors and any type of controversies. Charlene Harrison has always liked to live life on her terms. She always liked to stay away from the media since she was a wife of a pawn star. At present, she is not dating anyone. She is being found centering around her online shop as per the sources on Twitter. She has not revealed about herself after the separation

Social Connections of Charlene Harrison

Charlene Harrison was spotted by many reporters when she was married to Corey Harrison. She used to accompany her husband during all the events. After the divorce, she is staying she tries to stay away from Media.

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